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Concrete Reclaimer’s

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BIBKO is the leader in Concrete Reclaim Systems, with over 1,650 Concrete Recycle Systems installed. By incorporating the advancements of technology and superior engineering, BIBKO can provide a 100% concrete recycle system.  The BIBKO Concrete Recycle system provides the concrete industry with a complete reclaim/recycle system for return concrete. Truck fleets that range from 5 to 100 can incorporate the BIBKO system to process 100% of their return concrete. The BIBKO utilizes the site wash down and yard water into a system that allows the producer to recycle the return concrete into usable aggregate, sand, and slurry water. The system can store and manage up to 100,000 gallons of slurry at a predetermined specific gravity for reuse. All materials can then be recycled into fresh concrete. Complete systems include the BIBKO reclaimer, slurry tanks or pits, slurry agitators and pumps, automation controls, as well as turnkey installation services.