pH Balance

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Model 5000-B Compact Enclosure pH Control System – CO2

Fortrans wastewater treatment systems use CO2 gas instead of corrosive acids to reduce the pH level. System also lowers total dissolved and suspended solids to levels that are acceptable for most legal discharge.  The systems are easily installed at any ready mix or precast concrete plant. Supplied with a stainless steel submersible pump with float switch that is connected to GFCI outlet in rear of system. Suction and discharge hoses are equipped with cam lock quick connect fittings. Red alarm light and fixture is included.

Fortrans pH 5000B2 System

Fortrans pH 5000B2 System

·         PLC w/ 3 relays wired and programmed for immediate operation

·         Electronic flow gauge installed on treatment pipe loop

·         Sample cell, Polycarbonate with hose connections and pH probe holder

·         pH probe, heavy duty with BNC fitting

·         C02 diffuser/Injector (Patent Pending) mounted on treatment pipe loop

pH Control System Price
$17,000.00 to $22,000.00
Plus applicable tax and freight.

Features a built-in data logger for pH and flow. Access data from the web or download to a PC from SD card.
100% web functionality that allows every operation to be done using a web browser. Set or adjust relay settings alarm settings and more.
E-Mail notification to alert users for an alarm or relay condition. Standard visual alarm on system is included with base package.