Concrete Pan Mixer


Pan Mixer Prices
$45,000.00 to $95,000.00
Plus applicable tax and freight.
Standard equipment includes:

  • Chill cast floor and wall tiles
  • Chill cast wear sleeves and paddles
  • 1 pneumatic discharge door
  • Heavy duty discharge door mechanisms



Model Input Capacity Output Capacity Motor Power No. of Mixing Tools Net Weight
R500 0.75m³ 0.5m³ 22kw 5 2875kgs
1.125yd³ 0.75yds³ 30hp 6340lbs
R1000 1.5m³ 1m³ 37kw 7 4450kgs
2yds³ 1.5yds³ 50hp 9815lbs
R1500 2.25m³ 1.5m³ 55kw 9 6950kg
3yds³ 2yds³ 75hp 15,325lbs
R2000 3m³ 2m³ 75kw 10 8750kgs
4yds³ 3yds³ 100hp 19,300lbs
R3000 4.5m³ 3m³ 110kw 10 10,500kgs
6yds³ 4yds³ 150hp 23,155lbs
R4000 6m³ 4m³ 160kw 11 12,500kgs
7.5yds³ 5yds³ 214hp 27,565lbs