Twin Shaft Mixer

Rapid International Twin Shaft Mixer

Rapid Pan Mixers come in several different sizes with options.

Twin Shaft Mixer Prices
$245,000.00 to $315,000.00
Plus applicable tax and freight.
Output capacities
Output capacities for Twin Shaft Mixer include 3m3 (4 yds3) and 4 m3 (5 yds3)



Model Input Capacity Output Capacity Motor Power Output/hr m3 Weight
RT1500 2.25m3 1.5m3 2 x 30kW 60 7,900kgs
RT3000 4.5m3 3m3 2 x 55kW 120 9,800kgs
RT4000 6m3 4m3 2 x 75kW 160 13,000kgs