Water Meter & Specific Gravity

BADGER Turbo Water Meter
Description –
The Badger® Turbo Meter is available in sizes 2″ – 6″ and is ideally suited for water TurboWaterBatchingSystemsmetering and batching in ready-mix applications. The Turbo Meter can be combined with the PFT-4E Transmitter and an electronic solenoid-controlled butterfly valve. With the PFT-4E, calibration of the Turbo Meter is fast and easy, using Badger’s innovative rotary switches. This combination can be retrofitted to many existing systems or connected to Badger’s CB-20 Programmable Batch Controller.

BADGER Magnetoflow 7500P Water Meter
Description –
The Model 7500P Electromagnetic Meter was specifically designed to meet the Magnetoflow7500PElectromagneticMeterSystemsdemands of the most rigorous concrete applications. The open meter design eliminates “water hammer” damage and pressure loss. Since there are no moving parts, this meter is even suited for wash-out applications. The amplifier easily connects to the CB-20 Programmable Batch Controller, or your existing plant control system. The Magnetoflow® 7500P is California type approved for water batching and reclaim water metering.


BADGER CB-30 Programmable Batch Controller
Description – Ideal for use in concrete plants and other process management applications CB-30ProgrammableBatchControllerusing single point batch control, the CB-30 allows the operator to quickly set and run an exact batch. The batch controller includes a preset wash amount and valve overrun compensation, but also allows for manual operation to override preset values.CE approved and RoHS compliant, the controller can be mounted on the flow meter, on a wall or in an instrumentation panel. Its rugged aluminum front panel or optional enclosure provides NEMA 4X (watertight and corrosion proof) protection. Pair the CB-30 with a Badger Meter industrial turbo meter, the 7500P electromagnetic meter or any scaled or unscaled pulse output meter and one of our Data Industrial® transmitters to enable connectivity.

BADGER M2000 Specific Gravity Meter
Description –
The M2000 mag meter combines a general purpose detector with an amplifier M-2000representing the next generation of electromagnetic flow meter signal processing. This recent addition to the M-Series® family features a user-friendly, advanced design and is built for field verification testing with the use of a simple, handheld device.