Export Containerized Batch Plant

CON-E-CO Containerized Batch Plant

CON-E-CO 5 and 12 Yard Decumulative “Export” Containerized Concrete Batch Plant

CON-E-CO Decumulative Portable Concrete Batch plants has a plant batcher of 5 and 12 yards. The Aggregate Weigh Batcher is a Decumulative batcher, while the cement is a typical gravity cement silo with a accumulative cement weigh batcher.  Decumulative Batchers can also be used as accumulative with the loader acting as the overhead aggregate storage bin.  Lights are used to notify the loader operator when he is close to the target amount of aggregate and sand.

Plant Production Range – 80 to 200 Yards Per Hour

Base Equipment Price Range – $155,000.00 to $340,000.00