Converting a Rex 12 yard mixer to a new CON-E-CO 12 Yard Tilt Mixer

Recently DHE Inc. completed another tilt mixer conversion from one mixer manufacture to another. All concrete tilt mixers have their own unique foot print and design.  In the past it has been difficult to convert the mixer drum and cradle from one concrete mixer manufacture to another. However recent engineering advancements has allowed DHE Inc. to incorporate a conversion bridge between the old and the new.

Full conversion from demolition of the Rex mixer to operation of the new CON-E-CO 12 Yard Tilt Mixer was 10 days.

The old Rex plant had 4 cement silos and a weigh batcher located directly above the mixer. This “gravity” style plant design greatly reduced crane access for the conversion as well as encumbered the number of i-beams around the new free standing CON-E-CO mixer deck.

The existing 580 fpm batch transfer conveyor was incorporated without any modifications. A new mixer charging head box was used to take advantage of the elevated CON-E-CO mixer charging height. The discharge of the cement weigh batcher was adjusted for cleaner loading of materials into the new tilt mixer.

CON-E-CO’s 5 blade mixer design and through hardened bull ring makes the CON-E-CO tilt mixer the preferred choice of Ready-mix concrete producers.