Screen Decks

The TAGG offers you 5 day delivery with a custom deck set-up in a vibrating screen designed for the aggregate industry that offers premium engineering at an affordable price. The TAGG was designed for the aggregate industry, by the aggregate industry, so you know you’re getting the best machine for your application.

F-CLASS – If your application requires vibrating screens capable of handling tough applications, reducing vibrations in your structure or eliminating blinding and pegging, the F-Class is for you. With its four bearing technology, this king of vibrating screens sets itself apart from any screen on the market today as the right choice for scalping and classifying your ores, minerals, stones, sand and gravel.

T-CLASS – When you need a vibrating screen that you can easily adapt to your product, make changes on the fly, while protecting your investment, the T-Class is right for your application. This two bearing screen was engineered to increase your profit in product classification.